Labor Market & Career

Wondering what the average wage for workers in your type of business is in Central Missouri? Perhaps you wonder what the unemployment rate was for your county last July? Cost of living? Taxable sales? Your local job center can provide most labor market Information, utilizing MERIC – the Missouri Economic Research and Information Center and Labor market information is available at NO COST to help businesses understand Missouri’s workforce labor market conditions and trends. Businesses can access valuable information in the form of tables, narrative, charts, and graphs.

Available Resources

  • Missouri’s fastest-growing occupations
  • Occupational employment and wage data
  • Industry and occupational employment projections
  • Industry clusters and high demand occupations
  • Professional interests and salary requirements
  • Highest- and lowest-paid occupations
  • Labor force data—employment and unemployment statistics
  • Industry employment data
  • Occupational profiles
  • Census population
  • Consumer price indices
  • Commuting patterns
  • Other workforce studies

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