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Staff Assisted Job Search Services

Missouri Job Centers provide job search assistance to all job seekers looking for employment opportunities. Staff assisted job search services is the process by which staff actively work with a customer to identify a job or career goal, identify skill sets, develop an effective registration, provide job matching assistance through, help navigate through other government and commericial job search websites, provide on-line application assistance and a connection to other products. Missouri’s One-Stop Source for job listings. allows job seekers to search for open positions and provides access to career resources.

National Career Readiness CertificateNation Career readiness logo
The National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) verifies to employers anywhere in the United States that applicants have the essential core employability skills in Reading, Math and Locating Information; skills that are highly important to the majority of jobs in the workplace.

To help individuals prepare to earn a NCRC, we utilize the Worldwide Interactive Network (WIN) courseware. WIN remediation courseware is available to provide job seekers with a way to build the basic workplace skills that all jobs require and prepare them for a NCRC. The WIN courseware is Internet based and is available for our customers to use 24-hours per day, seven days a week, from any location with Internet access. It is strongly recommended that customers wanting to obtain a NCRC utilize the WIN remediation courseware to refresh and build their skills.

Job Seekers may receive a NCRC through any Missouri Job Center.


Assessments provide a means to measure a job seeker’s skills, knowledge, abilities, strengths, and interests. Assessments are utilized to determine job seeker career interests, career goals, and areas for skill development

Missouri Connections logoMissouri Connections: Missouri Connections is a career information system for adults to use to take various types of assessments; find career information; determine how much money they will need to earn for their lifestyle; research educational institutions in both Missouri and throughout the United States that offer the training they are looking for; and other job and career search features. The site allows a customer to build a portfolio to store their information, as well as a resume application. Missouri Connections can be accessed at User name and passwords must be obtained through the Job Center.

Workkeys logoWIN Initial Assessment (WIN): The WIN initial assessment individually measures cognitive abilities such as applied mathematics, reading for information, and locating information. WIN initial assessments help identify strengths, abilities, and areas for skill development as well as workplace readiness.

O Net logoO*Net: O*Net provides multiple self assessment tools. Staff at the Missouri Job Center can assist customers with accessing O*Net assessment tools.

O*Net assessments include:

O*Net Ability Profiler (AP): O*NET AP is a career exploration tool that helps customers plan their work lives. The O*NET AP identifies users their strengths and areas for which they might want to receive more training and education. It also identifies occupations that fit their strengths.

O*Net Interest Profiler (IP): O*NET IP is a self-assessment career exploration tool that help users discover the type of work activities and occupations that they would like and find exciting. Users identify and learn about broad interest areas most relevant to them. Users can also use their interest results to explore the world of work.

O*Net Computerized Interest Profiler (CIP): O*Net CIP is a vocational interest assessment instrument administered by computer. Users receive an accurate, reliable profile of their vocational interests that provide valuable self-knowledge about their vocational interest, fosters career awareness and provides a window to the entire world of work via the 800+ occupations within O*NET on-line.

O*Net Work Importance Locator (WIL): O*NET WIL is a self-assessment career exploration tool that allows customers to pinpoint what is important to them in a job. It helps people identify occupations that they may find satisfying based on the similarity between their work values (such as achievement, autonomy, and conditions of work) and the characteristics of the occupations.

O*Net Work Importance Profiler (WIP): O*NET WIP is a computerized self-assessment career exploration tool and that allows customers to focus on what is important to them in a job. It helps people identify occupations that they may find satisfying, based on the similarity between their work values (such as achievement, autonomy, and conditions of work) and the characteristics of the occupations.

Resume Development Assistance

Resume Development Assistance is the process by which staff help customers understand the importance of a high quality resume, know what comprises an effective resume, and connect with the tools and resources necessary to develop a professional resume.

Optimal Resume LogoOptimal Resume: Optimal Resume is available to all Missouri Job Center members through MCS. Optimal Resume provides a comprehensive tool that helps customers to create professional, high quality resumes. In addition, Optimal Resume provides tools to create cover letters, on-line portfolios, video resumes, and prepare for interviews.

Winway LogoWinWay: WinWay is a resume writing tool that allows job seekers to create customized resumes and cover letters. WinWay is available in all Missouri Job Centers.


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