The Business Plan for Missouri Central Region submitted by the Central Region Workforce Board (CWIB).


According to federal mandates, the mission of the system is to improve the quality of the workforce and enhance the productivity and competitiveness of the nation by providing all employment and training programs in a single, customer-friendly system. Locally, the CWIB has determined that their mission is to initiate, coordinate, and lead the process to attain a workforce development system in the region that will meet the skilled workforce needs of current and future employers in the region and provide the necessary tools for the region’s residents to meet their career goals.


Leaders of the local workforce development system envision a system focused on meeting the needs of job seekers and worker customers by making business our “number one” priority. Employers will be the customers of our system and a skilled workforce will be our product. To make that vision a reality, a conceptual shift must occur. For many years, the job-seeker customer has been the primary customer of our system, and although there has been movement in the direction of business services, additional work will be needed to achieve our vision. Through this planning process, we hope to put in place a process that will increase the focus of all partners on business services, coordinate the actual services more effectively than we have in the past, and increase visibility and ultimately usage of the Missouri Career Center system by businesses.


The Central Region workforce system embraces a number of values including business involvement and input for our system, customer satisfaction, continuous improvement through quality initiatives, local empowerment, teamwork, coordination, and life-long learning.


The Central Region will work towards meeting a number of goals through this planning and outreach process. Goals for business services include:

  • 100% of Phase I partners providing business services utilizing:
    • specially designed printed materials to promote all system services (to ensure a consistent look and message for the Missouri Career Center system in the Central Region)
    • an on-line electronic calendar for business outreach scheduling
    • the ToolBox for recording business contact outcomes
  • 100% of business services staff from Phase I partners formally trained in system services. Additional training is provided every six months.
  • 25% increase in the number of presentations by Phase I partners to community groups.
  • 30% of businesses coming in contact with our system surveyed for customer satisfaction.
  • Creation and implementation of a skill set analysis program.
  • Improvement in market penetration rates (as measured via Tool Box reports). For PY04, the approximate rates will be:
    • 72% of “New Hires” used the workforce system
    • 29% of businesses that hired were registered in MissouriWORKS!/Great Hires
    • 10% of businesses that hired had a job order

To view the entire Long-range Business Plan click here


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