On-Site Workshops

Every full service Job Center offers five workshops to help Job Seekers prepare for and conduct an effective job search and maximize their ability to secure employment.

Career Exploration: It’s all about you! This workshop gives customers the tools to assess their knowledge, skills, personal interests, and priorities on the journey to finding the job that is best for them (or not a good fit). Identify resources that are available to find a rewarding career.

Career Networking: Everyone recommends it, but not everyone does it well. Learn the benefits of effective and strategic “networking” and how these interpersonal resources and contacts could lead to a new job. This workshop applies what the customer learns, so they will develop a plan to present themselves to networking groups, a networking source list, and a list of the types of networking groups.

Resume Preparation: Wonder what employers are looking for when they read a resume and cover letter? Find out in this workshop! Identify and optimize all the basic components of a resume (skills and abilities, work history, and education) so that the customer stands out above the others. Use some of the same strategies in completing excellent online applications.

Interview Process: With this workshop customers get practical advice on how to best showcase their skills and experience through research, practice, and preparation. Get helpful tips on how to dress and groom for an interview. Learn the different types of interviews and strategies for each.

Basic Computer Skills: How to use a computer is essential for today’s job seeker. Learn the basic computer skills necessary to search and apply for jobs. This workshop includes everything from using the keyboard to accessing the Internet to creating and saving files. In addition, learn to use jobs.mo.gov to search for your next job.

Workshops for Laid off Workers

Missouri Job Centers offer specialized workshops to assist laid off workers at the time of layoff, and are made available through the Rapid Response planning process. Workshops are offered in conjunction with other workshops available at Missouri Job Centers. These workshops are offered through a contract with the University of Missouri Extension.

Take Control of Your Finances: Free workshops to help Dislocated Workers keep control of family finances while laid off are available through the Missouri Job Centers. Managing bills until a new job opportunity appears is less stressful when there is a plan. Training topics include how to track spending and how to develop a budget; how to cut expenses; HOPE NOW mortgage service; how to prioritize debts and maintain good relation with creditors; understanding COBRA Continuation Health insurance coverage; how to avoid debt and credit scams; and how to identify resources in the community that can help customers save money.

FastTrac New Venture: FastTrac New Venture workshops, offered through Missouri Job Centers, are available to Dislocated Workers with an interest in starting their own business. FastTrac New Venture workshops help customers research their business idea and decide whether starting a business is right for them.

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